FORBES magazine writes about us

About the very beginnings of ANIMA, Vít says: "I already had some experience and saw that there was space on the market for new brand and that with innovative products, Czech craftsmanship and design we can succeed in the world."
Our portfolio is expanded every year with a new collection and currently there are two series Anima ONE and LOTUS, while each series has several collections and models. Vít says: "The company resists mass production, we want to stick to the idea of building a boutique brand with products for premium customers". "We make the products from beautiful materials, whether we are talking about Czech porcelain or Italian leather, which opens the way for pipes to become a collector's, decorative object. Domestic architects and designers liked our products and work with them as part of interior decoration."
And why is Anima different? Our founder explains to Forbes: "In our opinion, hookahs are not just about smoking, then they could all look the same. In the world we can find them in luxurious restaurants and hotels, in expensive places. It is not yet a custom in the Czech Republic, but the trend is already coming to Western Europe. Our Anima hookahs belong to a good cocktail, top gastronomy. The marriage and pairing of flavors, experiences and atmosphere is what inspires us to bring new products to market.”
He likes to collaborate, for example, with bartenders who pair the taste and aesthetics of a cocktail with the taste of tobacco in a hookah or a fruit cocktail in a hookah vase. "We develop such cooperation in the field of catering, festivals, company events and in various bars. Our ambition is to bring this atmosphere closer to non-smokers as well," he says.