From the very beginning of Anima, the creators had an ambition to bring to the market an innovative and modern product. The Anima development team draws upon many years of experience in the development of unique hookahs.

Vít Bechynský (Product Designer) assembled his first hookah at the age of 16 (although it could not be called design at the time, it served its function). In recent years, he has been behind the development of successful products in both domestic and foreign markets. With the ambition to deliver a product for the 21st century, he embarked on the development of a completely new hookah concept with a group of friends and experts in the field. From the very first sketch, he embodied the idea of ​​innovative hookahs and the Anima brand. The whole experience of the products should inspire you to explore your own soul...

Anima brings a completely unique hookah construction to the market. It starts with the curved body, which makes sure the horizon of the water surface isn't in the axis of the hookah. The entire weight of the product is distributed at three static points. The design line is minimalist but, at the same time, both modern and original. Last but not least there is the integrated, animated lighting. All this adds up to a 21st century product.


Our mission is to bring innovative and advanced products to the market, going beyond the limits of possibility and the borders of the country in which they are manufactured. Anima is targeting the world market.

Be there with us and discover a new dimension with Anima products.

AMAYA means “Pleasant Place”, a place that feels like home, where one can find happiness and joy...

The name is the incredible concept’s inspiration, and the purpose of AMAYA is to bring a different kind of experience to its guests, powered by art that fractures reality, and to create engaging environments that connect with people.

AMAYA is the one of the best restaurants in Dubai, aiming to cater to all tastebuds with a fusion cuisine crafted with the finest sourced ingredients and exceptional shisha service with full ANIMA line.

Graced by the azure of the sea and dressed in its signature turquoise hues, NAMMOS Limmasol celebrates the flavours of Mediterranean cosmopolitan cuisine.

Bringing waves of sensation to your plate, we marry talent, freshness, and quality.

The result? A deliciously dynamic gastronomic experience that you’ll treasure until your next visit. We are proud to be part of NAMMOS family with our Anima WHITE collection.

The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands invites you to embrace the island life. Set within an integrated development, this modern hotel takes a minimalist approach to luxury.

Set above azure waters or nestled along beach coves, the villas blend island living with modern design.

For all lovers of unique moments, there are five onsite restaurants and bars showcasing global cuisines and serving Anima hookahs.

A hub for music, culture, food, arts and luxury, Dubai is home to some of the finest representatives in specific industries. You can find some of the world’s best art galleries, bars, and fine dining, all along the same street.

The concept and vision of a place is what defines it, and GAL is the epitome of a restaurant with a vision. That vision is Art. An Art-inspired restaurant that delivers one of the finest gastronomical experiences in Dubai, GAL stands out from the stereotypical restaurants in Downtown. We are proud to be part of the Art experience in GAL with our Art Anima collection.

On the edge of the crystal waters of Shaviyani Atoll, JW Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa provides a sanctuary of scenic luxury.

Find relaxation in stylish over-water villas and beachfront villas. Luxurious interiors, private pools and decks with stunning views of the shimmering Indian Ocean. Enjoy distinctive Japanese, Italian and other international cuisines, along with treetop dining and Anima hookah serving.

One of the trendiest concept restaurants of our time, HuQQabaz provides an accessible family-friendly atmosphere during the day, before reinventing itself at night for those looking for special blends and a stylish ambience.

HuQQabaz takes you on a gastronomic journey spanning the length and breadth of the Anatolian peninsula. Pushing boundaries to deliver a distinctive blend of exceptional food, drink and premium Anima hookah service in these beautiful restaurants in Dubai, Kuwait, Jordan, Turkey and many more.

Welcome to LA PASHA LOUNGE & GRILL, where an immersive Mediterranean dining journey awaits. Here, we pride ourselves on creating an elegant atmosphere that beautifully juxtaposes refined taste with a casual, welcoming vibe.

Dive deeper into our diverse and extensive menu, which stands as a testament to the rich culinary tapestries of Persian, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean traditions.