Discover your Anima, the unique hookah

Unique hookahs for the spiritual dimension of the contemporary smoking experience.

Discover Anima, the unique hookahs. Let Anima be your guide to the special moments.

In the mood of absolute connection with your dear ones and your soul... your Anima. Handcrafted from the finest crystal glass and porcelain. Modern and clean shaping deliver a subtle and aesthetic design to provide you with a top smoking experience.

The Anima development team draws upon years of experience in developing unique hookahs. Our mission is to bring you innovative products that go far beyond the ordinary. Be a part of Anima and dive into a new dimension with our products.


Discover the story behind our brand of innovative hookahs, and be inspired to explore your soul…


Find out how Anima combines traditional materials with innovative function and elegant design.


Discover the secrets of Anima Hookah's innovative technologies.            

Anima worldwide

Welcome to the world of Anima. Enjoy Anima products at world-famous, exclusive locations, combining a unique approach with the very highest quality

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Would you like to own your Anima?

Would you like to learn more about Anima hookahs? Do you run your own hookah lounge or restaurant, or are you a wholesale distributor? Perhaps you would like to have your Anima hookah at home? Please get in touch. We will be happy to provide you with more information, including price and stock availability.