We are proud to announce that the brand-new model, Anima Lotus, has achieved the prestigious award of "The Hookah of the Year 2023 in the Czech republic."

Showcased at the prestigious Frankfurt Shisha Messe 2023, Anima LOTUS captivated enthusiasts with its innovative design and delivered a unique and unparalleled smoking experience.

We are thrilled that Anima LOTUS has earned this prestigious award. The development process demanded relentless dedication and effort, and we had unwavering belief in the hookah's uniqueness. Winning this award proves that our faith was well-founded.

While Anima's first hookah line, Anima ONE, garnered high praise from both professionals and consumers, Anima LOTUS goes even further, not only impressing users but also winning official awards from industry professionals.

We extend our gratitude to both the jury and the public for recognizing our commitment to breaking away from traditional styles. We believe that this appreciation opens the curiosity of more people and will entice them to try Anima hookah.

The Anima LOTUS boasts two variants - table and floor - featuring an art-style stand and comes in three captivating models: black, white, and crystal clear. Its groundbreaking design and exceptional smoking experience make it a must-have for hookah enthusiasts.